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I used to work as a tax advisor for almost 10 years, but I was always dreaming about something else. About finding a way to live a life where I can follow my passions, rather than spending 8 hours every day with a work which I don’t like, just for financial security.

In the past years I have spent much time exploring myself. In therapy, free dancing practices and tantra yoga. Dancing became one of my biggest passions, leading me all the way to India, to a chakra dancing retreat in Auroville.

I originally planned to stay in Auroville for 6 weeks with a short visit to Goa. But as I started travelling and meeting so many inspiring people from all over the world, once I felt this is the time to finally give myself a chance to see what the Universe is holding for me beyond the security of corporate life. I quit my job and delayed my flight ticket with some months, until the end of my 6-month visa. And the adventure started.

After a few months I decided to start a blog to keep my loved ones at home updated about my travels, and because I love writing. And since I have kept a journal in the past 3 years, I already knew that putting my emotions and thoughts into words can be so healing. And sharing them, even more.

Around this time I also decided to give some focus to my flowing, and found a few areas, which I really like: dancing, writing and cooking. And maybe most of all, learning about myself, through dancing and writing, and of course travelling. Following my passions, on my blog I am writing about how I try to learn about my experiences and understand my emotions (My Inner Path), the recipes I learn (I Love Eating) and of course my travel experiences, including all the adventures and some useful information also (Travel Experiences).

I started my blog as indiaesen (India and Me in my mother tongue, Hungarian), but then somewhere on my way I met a really inspiring traveler, who was also a photo journalist and who suggested to change my blog’s name to something more international. This was the point when Barefoot Tilla appeared on the scene. Briefly. In the longer version, I got so excited about this name that I started to climb on the garden pavilion and when coming down, I kicked a glass of paint, my feet suddenly turned brown. That day was really about my feet.

Being barefoot is holding a special meaning for me:

Being barefoot serves me as a dancer and a practicer of yoga. The closer connection to the ground supports me, the girl who sometimes feels insecure in the world. It also serves me as a woman who is working on accepting and living her sexuality, keeping her senses open and being ready to enjoy all sensations, including those coming from touching the ground.

As I look back on my travels in India, I realize that being barefoot has also been a kind of rebellion to me. A rebellion against the environments, to which I couldn’t and didn’t even want to fit in.

If you want to read a short overview of this travel:

About my journey

During the first months of in India, I spent 3 weeks in Goa and then I suddenly ended up staying for a few weeks in Bangalore, chilling and enjoying time with some new friends. And btw. I quit my job and started my blog here. 🙂 Then participated in a Vipassana meditation, was walking barefoot around the Arunachala Mountain in Tiruvannamalai with thousands of local people, was volunteering in a garden in Auroville. Then I started my travelling to the Himalayas all over India, to meet the man with whom we spent 3 weeks in Goa and who was one of my biggest teachers of the Indian flow. I learnt it somewhere on my way to the Himalayas, that in the meantime he met someone else. But I still continued my way, knowing that some friends are waiting for me in those majestic mountains, even with some opportunities for volunteering.

On my way I slowly slowly started to learn how to let go planning everything in advance and rather just following my heart and receiving the new opportunities opening to me. I kept practicing how to adapt to the always changing conditions, how to practice acceptance and how not to get attached to things and more importantly, to people. Keep practicing. Sometimes “failing”, but also learning that failing or even making bad decisions and mistakes is a part of the journey.

In my travels I have been exploring India and myself, while reaching beyond my comfort zone day by day, living in the most various places (from shitty guesthouses in industrial areas, places with rats and cockroaches to luxurious apartments in the city and decent guesthouses in the endless Himalayas), and meeting the most different people, each of them teaching me something.

When I planned to go home, out of the blue I got a job offer from Nepal and I decided to go for it. I didn’t get it but by this time I had already postponed my flight ticket. I found myself in Nepal, in the craziest situations, leading me all the way to Punjab, where I spent 6 weeks living with a family and teaching dancing, yoga and English. I am still on the way and not sure what is the next move, but I keep practicing to follow my heart when making my choices and trust that if I am on my path with an open mind, the Universe will bring me what I really need, right when I really need that.

Tilla Fehér

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