Coconut balls inspired by Punjab

It all started in a morning when I realized that I run out of oat flakes. But I had some mango and some leftover of yesterday’s plain boiled rice. I let them meet in a bowl, together with some milk and cardamom. It was an amazing breakfast.

And not long ago I  also realized that somewhere in the depth of the fresh and sweet taste of mango, there is also a hint of coconut. Then I got the idea to make this taste of coconut a bit stronger. And make  a dessert out of it. Coconut ball with rice and mango. Even if the fresh coconut in Punjab is different from the one in the package, but we love the packed one too. (and wow.. it is hard work to grate coconut..) And yeah, we cannot get nice mango everywhere but this simple dessert can be amazing with any fruit, which is sweet and juicy. Like some peaches, raspberries or strawberries. Hmm…


Ingredients (for 21 balls)

  • half cup rice
  • as much fruits as needed to make all the rice tasty (in my case it was 3 medium sized mango)
  • coconut (the more, the better. cc. 100 g)
  • a handful of almond and cashew nuts mixed
  • as much oat flakes as needed to make the balls not too sticky and loose

If the fruits is sweet, there is no need for sugar/sweetener at all.


We cook the rice ready as usual, blending the fruits or just mixing them with a fork and also cutting the almond and the cashew with a knife or other suitable tool (like a rolling pin :-)). We mix these all together. And if  we managed to make a mixture not too sticky and easy to shape, we shape balls. And that’s it. Our vegan, sugar-free dessert is ready. 🙂

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