From a teacher in Punjab to a hippie traveller in Nepal – my last month in brief

I am sitting in the garden of a cosy hippie guesthouse in Kathmandu.

This is the third day when I was greeting the morning here. What happened in the past few days? First of all I practiced patience and acceptance while starting the application for the e-visa to India three times. But eventually yesterday I submitted the application and paid the fee any by today morning I already received the e-mail about the visa. I can travel back to India anytime.

What else happened? I enjoyed walking, while I  got lost again and again in the colourful streets of Thamel, met the most various people, French girls looking for adventure, experienced world travelers, an elderly Finnish lady who came to explore Asia on her own, and so many artists attracted to Kathmandu by the freedom of creation and the wealthy tourists from all over the world, ready to pay.

I have spent most of the days barefoot, I only took my slippers when I went to the Indian embassy. In a light summer dress, with no leggings.

For 1-2 days I even let myself to get lost in earthy pleasures, once I even dropped into a fancy restaurant (where I paid cc. 3 euros for a meal), I tried the local beer and wine (I was told that making wine is new in Nepal, and of course the default version comes with spices 🙂 like a cool mulled wine), and also some of the local contents available to smoke.

Meantime I also felt that feeling already familiar from Parvati Valley, that endless variety of opportunities keep opening to me. Whom I join and for which activities (wall decoration, sightseeing, cooking, trekking, dancing, meditation or just chilling, etc.) and of course when I say “no”.

A month ago I was in Punjab, living with a traditional Indian family and rarely stepped on the street without a chunni (the shawl to cover the shoulders and the breast), pants or skirts covering my knee and slippers. 6 days a week I was teaching in a local school, and to get high I only used carbohydrate, music and dancing, writing and yoga.

A hint of how extreme living conditions you may find yourself in, once you are on the way. “Being on the way” does not primarily mean travelling around the Globe. It is much more about  receiving the opportunities offered by the Universe every day with an open mind. Whether you live in your birth town or in the most remote place of the Earth.

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