When I find freedom at school

It was so nice to experience how many opportunities open up when I try to see out of the box of traditional educational system. How is an English lesson with the second grade going when instead of reading another story from the book together I show them a song, with the lyrics of which first they practice writing and reading and then we sing and dance together. And then we bring some of the energies raised during dancing to some yoga practice. An English lesson can be like this. This time I was fortunate to have an assistant with me as well, because of the lack of organization around the replacement of the English teacher. It was a man who can speak only a few words in English but he could help to translate the lyrics to Hindi. It was a wonderful experience. Even if disciplining the kids was a challenge, as usually. But his time, I didn’t have to pull anyone on the floor 🙂

I had the chance to move beyond the limitations of the system with the seveth and eightth grade also. There were classes when we were playing word game, there were classes when we made a deal at the beginning how many exercises we are completing and when we finished, there was free activity, while communicating in English of course. And when solving exercises, I didn’t just tell them the solutions like usually but I rather used the blackboard, where the kids were applying the new grammar rules more or less on their own. Of course we had the chance to practice some yoga also, which was special because the seventh grade is usually not interested in yoga at all. But of course it was a totally different situation when yoga was the alternative to a regular English class:-)

I tried to support independent work with other classes too. And it was not even a surprise that most of the kids really enjoyed completing exercises at the blackboard. They like to show what they know. Just like in the yoga classes, when everyone calls me to see how they could perform the asanas (“dekana”: “look at me” was one of the first words I learnt in Punjab), in English classes they cannot wait to get to the blackboard to show how they can complete the exercise. And since I now that there are some classes, who has almost finished the syllabus, I was happy to say yes when they wanted to play some board games. And since roller skating is very popular at the school, I showed them some videos about figure skating too. I entered this to the log book as “general knowledge”, just like when I showed them photos about my family or my travelling in India 🙂

I enjoyed freedom in my free classes too. There were times when I felt like moving, went to the school  yard where I started to listen to some mantras received from Medved, while practicing some yoga and dancing. In the soft grass, under the warm rays of sun (before they got really hot), tickling my soles while doing the sarvangasana. And…. It happened at an occasion like this that I first had the courage to do the headstand without a wall nearby. It was a wonderful feeling. Just as the feeling that in my free classes I am free to practice yoga and dance in the grass or in the sky, while doing sarvangasana 🙂

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